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NL1L Thor

1.317,50kn uključ. PDV

Everyone who has used a chopper knows that it is designed for heavy use, which makes great demands on the blade and handle. Our handle consists of specially selected oxhide: sadly a material that is usually overlooked by manufacturers, but which gives a sure and rugged grip. It ages beautifully and as the years pass it acquires an attractive brown patina, and it is unaffected by oil and solvents and impervious to water. Dryness might cause small cracks on the handle but they disappear when the knife is put to use again.


NL1L Thor

Dužina oštrice: 23,5 cm
Debljina oštrice: 6 mm
Tvrdoća oštrice: 58-60 HRc
Materijal oštrice: N695 čelik
Geometrija oštrice: Clip Point, Flat Grind
Brid oštrice: Plain Edge
Površina oštrice: Stonewash

Dužina rukohvata: 13,97 cm
Rukohvat: Micarta obloge
Način nošenja: futrola
Masa: 152 grama
Futrola: koža Rupa za lanyard: ima


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